Upcycled Sari & Handwoven Hemp Backpack


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These organic hemp and cotton backpacks are versatile, durable, and uniquely fashionable! Perfect for everyday use for school, office, or outdoors, the lined and padded main compartment is spacious and includes a laptop compartment in back. Two additional compartments allow for easy storage of wallets, pens, and other daily needs. The fully lined and padded straps are adjustable and hold up to 11 lbs. High quality zipper and padded back for extra comfort. Two cotton side pockets with elastic tops hold your water bottles or travel mug. This backpack is completely natural and sustainable and after a few years of use can be composted in less than a year instead of being thrown in a landfill alongside synthetic backpacks that take many years to decompose.

Made from 100% hemp with a front pocket that is adorned by upcycled sari fabric. The hemp is organically grown, harvested, and woven to make this beautiful backpack. First the hemp thread is created which is then washed 15 times before being woven into a fabric on a traditional 100-year-old loom which doesn't use electricity. The fabric is then washed another 15 times before it can be made into a bag. The upcycled sari on the front pocket is unique and handmade, so your product will resemble the image shown but will have its own unique color palette. The women who make these products collect left-over materials discarded from factories. They wash them, dry them, and cut them into pieces. Those pieces are then woven on the same traditional 100-year-old loom as the hemp.

Due to the fact that the products are handmade from ecological materials, we recommend that you wash the products with cold water and allow them to dry flat.