Home Sweet Home Kantha Pillow with Tassels


Kantha is a traditional type of embroidery native to eastern South Asia, in particular Bangladesh, and the neighboring Indian states of West Bengal and Odisha, along the Bay of Bengal. For as many as 500 centuries, poor Bengali women have taken their discarded cloth scraps and sewn them together with a simple running stitch; taking the old and repurposing it into something useful and protective. Kantha was originally created for the most basic and practical purpose: to keep warm. Over time, kantha developed as a generational skill, a craft that could symbolically impart story, desire, and well-wishing for loved ones and gift recipients. Today, the rich tradition of kantha has gained popularity in the West as we trend away from disposable consumer goods and move towards meaningful, well crafted goods.

Grab a little bit of this rich history for your home with this lovely Home Sweet Home kantha pillow! Made from colorful repurposed cloth and conveying a comforting message, it is sure to be a welcome addition to the décor for the place you call home! (16" square)