Celadon Glaze Amphora Vase

The Celadon Glaze collection is a unique treasure! The soft green ceramic has been sought after across the globe since ancient times, and its enduring popularity is due to its gorgeous, glazed color that elicits serenity and renewal in a space. Its desirable finish is achieved through a very particular process that is so sensitive, unique color variations are produced even within the same firing due to the slightest of differences in heat within the kiln. Aside from its pastel jade tone that makes this piece instantly recognizable as a coveted collectible, this Celadon Glaze Amphora Vase style is a beautifully artisan crafted ceramic. Its shape is also of ancient origin, with a wide base that rounds into a fluted neck with handles adorning either side. The flared opening allows blossoms to spill from the vase, creating dramatic arrangements perfect for welcoming guests into a lobby, retail store, upscale event, or stately home. Finished by artisans, variations to be celebrated. Porcelain. Water tight. (9.75"L x 8.5"W x 10.5"H)