Heritage Inlay Wood Step Stool

Crafted from wood with fanciful metal inlays, this step stool is perfect for that boost you need to access hard-to-reach areas. Beyond the bedroom, use this step to reach the top shelves of your kitchen cabinets, or in the office near a tall bookcase. The high quality, handcrafted step stool is made of real mango wood with intricate scrolled metal inlay classic of the Heritage Collection pieces. Color and texture variations in this reclaimed wood vary, which means no two pieces are exactly the same. A work of art itself, you may want to display the fine detail of "Old World" craftmanship in this charming step stool and add a country charm to your home. Finely grained mango wood is medium brown and selected for it's durability and long use life. Hand wipe with a mild soapy washcloth and dry with a soft cloth. Using oil for wood preservation is not recommended because it may damage the metal finishing. Mango wood, metal and aluminum. (21"L x 18"W x 19"H)