Mosser Glass In The House

Mosser Glass In The House

March 05, 2020

We are so honored to become a Mosser Glass dealer! Besides the fact that the glass that they produce is so beautiful and exhibits such fine craftsmanship, their company has been family owned and operated for over 40 years! They have been creating a variety of American-made products for generations! Recognized as one of the nation's leaders in high quality pressed glass, we can't wait for you to see the wonderful pieces we are adding to the site today! 

The origins of Mosser Glass go back more than half a century to the time when Orie Mosser was the plant manager of the Cambridge Glass Company. His son, Thomas, began working there as a teenager, learning the trade from bottom to top. When Cambridge Glass closed in 1954, Tom decided to continue in the glass business building a company of his own.

It took a while for a young man just starting in life to assemble the elements necessary to do that. He spent five years buying glass moulds, searching for affordable used equipment and saving money. In 1959, he was finally able to begin manufacturing glassware in an abandoned chicken coop. From humble beginnings, Tom was able to leave the coop within two years and form Variety Glass, producing glassware for the pharmaceutical industry.

From day one, Tom Mosser was committed to manufacturing quality glassware, and his dedication was rewarded with continuing success. In 1971, he established Mosser Glass with a product line that blends new designs with timeless classics acquired from Viking, L.G. Wright, and of course, Cambridge Glass.

Today, Mosser Glass employs more than 30 people in an efficient manufacturing process configured to provide the highest quality glassware for their customers. And the fine family tradition continues with family members continuing to operate the company. With the mix of generations, this family brings new ideas to the company without the loss of the traditions their customers cherish.

Again, we are so proud to be a dealer now for this fine family-owned American company!

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