Decorating for Halloween?

Decorating for Halloween?

October 16, 2019

Has the cooler weather we've been having put you in the mood to get all those Halloween decorations out? It certainly has had that effect on me!

My college-age kids may be out of the house (mostly), but my husband and I still enjoy gearing up for the holiday! Okay- let me be honest- I still enjoy it and he just enjoys it when I'm happy!

While others have quit decorating for the holiday for religious reasons, I just simply enjoy it for all it means to me, and that is just a fun kid's holiday. I have great memories of Halloween as a kid and teenager and it has no deep dark meaning to me. I don't go in for anything too scary and just keep it light, fun, and of course colorful! And it is a great opportunity for me to showcase my wonderful collection of Dept 56 Halloween items (most retired now) and the colorful Glitterville items which I love! I hope to pass this fun collection on to my kids one day and hopefully they will get the same enjoyment out of it as I have!

May your Halloween be spooktacular! 🎃

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